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Sara G. says

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July 2019
Where to start? Giovanna is HEAVEN SENT. 
My brother gets married this month and as a wedding present I wanted to find him and his wife to be, their first apartment together. I have known Giovanna for over a decade ( Stingarees for life). Unfortunately for me she wasn’t my first choice and it took me 24 hours to regret it. A lightbulb went on in my head and I immediately reached out to her after my first failed attempt with a different realtor. Giovanna hit the ground running and immediately send me over 10 properties to look at and a list of documents I would have to provide. She’s very hands on and honestly the best at working around my work schedule. On time ALWAYS and with an awesome attitude. She didn’t skip a beat! Things I would overlook she would quickly call out and I loved it! Needless to say, she found the perfect first apartment for the soon to be newly weds and went above and beyond to accommodate us. Giovanna thank you so much for everything! I will be recommending you to every single person I know and maybe one or two strangers!
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